Why The Vet Should Be One Of Your First Stops After Adopting A Senior Cat

Posted on: 29 September 2015


While adopting a kitten is definitely the most popular way of getting a new cat, it can be much more rewarding to adopt an older cat. Senior cats are harder to adopt out, meaning that shelters are running out of room for cats older than seven years—thus making them eligible for being put to sleep due to the overcrowding. If you are adopting a senior cat and are prepared for the special care they may need, take the time to consider why you should visit a vet clinic shortly after. 

Confirmation of the Age of Your Cat

When adopting a cat from a shelter, it is extremely common for their age to be an approximate guess. If you are curious about how old the cat actually is, you can bring them into the vet office. Your vet will be able to examine their teeth and check other parts of the body to use as an indicator to how old they are.

Wellness Exam to Check for Any Problems

Most animal shelters do a thorough exam of new pets entering the shelter for the first time, but all this information may not be available to you. Bringing your newly adopted cat to the vet can help you get a clear idea of what kind of health they are in and if you need to make any changes in exercising, diet, or grooming. Your vet can also notify you of any concerns they may have for the health of the senior cat.

Advice on Proper Nutrition

Senior cats require different food than a younger cat due to their unique needs for nutrition. In order for your cat to get the healthiest food for their age, make sure to ask your vet what they would recommend. The food they recommend should also take into account how much exercise they do and their current weight.

Essential Vaccines and Preventive Measures

Vaccinating your cat is essential to prevent numerous health issues and keep them protected if they ever go outdoors. Other preventive measures your vet can help with include flea and tick treatments and advice on how to keep your cat protected in the time between visits to the vet.

Keeping a senior cat healthy and happy is much easier when you get the valuable advice available from your vet. After completing the adoption process for a senior cat and bringing them home, make sure to schedule a visit to a trusted veterinarian, such as one from Covington Veterinary Hospital PC, for the above reasons.