Pet Acupuncture: Does It Work?

Posted on: 26 October 2015


When your pet is in pain and medications and traditional treatments do not seem to be working, a specialist in pet acupuncture can help. Although proof that this method works comes mostly from pet owners' observations, it may be worth trying because it does not cause your animal significant pain and may offer some relief from serious conditions such as cancer or hip dysplasia. 


Pet acupuncture works on the same theory as acupuncture for humans. Traditional Chinese veterinary medicine teaches that acupuncture corrects energy imbalances, improves circulation, and encourages the release of healing hormones. Needles are inserted where nerves and blood vessels meet, which are called acupuncture points. Just as with humans, the acupuncturist may choose to add electric current to the needles to help muscles and repair nerve damage. 

Side Effects

The only way to judge the side effects on pets is to observe their behavior. Acupuncture seems to cause little or no pain for pets, as far as their owners or the acupuncturist can observe. In fact, many report that their animals become relaxed and even sleepy when they are being treated. However, since humans sometimes note some discomfort when they receive acupuncture, animals must also feel some amount of pain on occasion, although it seems to be minor. 


Acupuncture can help with a variety of your pet's problems, often in conjunction with traditional treatments. Animals with arthritis, muscle spasms, hip dysplasia, respiratory  problems, and disk problems have made great progress when treated with acupuncture. In some instances, your pet will be able to avoid medications that can cause serious physical side effects. Some veterinarians will treat your pet with a combination of medication and acupuncture for pain relief. Acupuncture is also used to treat emotional problems in pets, such as anxiety


As with all medical treatment, the cost for pet acupuncture varies, but you can expect to pay approximately $100 per session.The number of sessions necessary will be determined by your doctor. The average veterinarian's office visit in the United States costs around $50, but that does not include medications or vaccinations, so the cost is comparable.

Since your pet is part of the family, you want to offer it all the medical treatments that might make it better. Acupuncture for pets is seen by many as a valid option to relieve your animal's pain and help improve certain medical conditions. If you have tried acupuncture yourself, then you believe in its power to heal. Why not give your pet the same opportunity? Contact a representative from an establishment like Clayton Veterinary Associates for further information.