5 Ways Annual Wellness Visits Are Ideal For Your Senior Cat

Posted on: 25 January 2016


Bringing your cat to the vet can be a tiring experience due to their anxiety about getting in a carrier or being in an unfamiliar vet clinic. While you may want to keep your cat from being nervous by skipping the vet visit altogether, there are numerous benefits that come with visiting the vet for wellness checks. This becomes even more beneficial when your cat is over years old since they are now considered a senior.

Consider the following reasons why annual wellness visits should never be skipped for your cat.

Thorough Dental Exam

Your cat's teeth are often a part of their overall health that is often skipped, especially since most cats do not like having anyone near their mouth. While you may not be able to make much progress with handling your cat's teeth, your vet will be able to give their mouth a quick exam and bring up any potential dental issues that need to be addressed.

Help with Maintaining Healthy Weight

Keeping your cat at a healthy weight can be challenge if you are still uncertain about whether or not they are overweight currently. Many cat owners believe that their cat is at a healthy weight, only to discover that they are overweight upon visiting the veterinarian for a checkup.

By visiting the vet regularly and keeping track of any weight gains or losses, your vet can help make sure that your cat is at the right weight for their size, breed, and age.

Answers to Any Behavior Questions

If you have not brought your cat in a long time, you may have some lingering questions in mind regarding behavioral issues such as excessive scratching of the furniture or mewing loudly during the night. Your visit to the vet can help ensure that you get answers to any questions you may have.

Checkup for Any Serious Problems

Similar to humans, senior cats are at a higher risk of potential health issues. With this in mind, it is best to visit the vet regularly so that any potential issues can be diagnosed before it is too late.

Vaccines Can Be Done as Well

Proper vaccinations should be taken care of regularly to ensure that your cat is healthy—especially if they are frequently around other cats and spend time outdoors. With vaccines for rabies, feline leukemia, Bordetella, and more, it is best to visit your vet to get a list of which vaccines your senior cat needs and how frequently.

Bringing your cat in to the vet once a year may seem unnecessary, but it can come with a number of great benefits once your cat has reached their senior years. With the above benefits in mind, you can schedule their first visit to an office likeMetropolitan Cat Hospital Limited with confidence.