The Benefits Of Spaying Your Female Kitten

Posted on: 15 February 2016


If you have just acquired a female kitten to keep as a pet, you will soon be enjoying her companionship once she gets used to her new home. Most people will bring a new kitten to a veterinarian to have a checkup to make sure they are in good health. At this time, you may be informed as to when your cat can be spayed. There are several benefits to having this procedure done, making it a definite event to consider for your new friend. Here are some of the reasons why spaying can be helpful to your cat's health and your lifestyle.

Your Cat Will Become Calmer

As your kitten grows, you will notice she will start becoming restless or agitated for several days at a time. The length of a female cat's fertile time will vary depending on what season of the year it is and whether she is mated with a male cat during her fertile time. When your cat is "in heat", or fertile, she will display some characteristics that may become a bit annoying. She may yowl at all times of the night or try escaping the home to find a mate. You may notice your cat crawling or crouching with her back end in the air in an attempt to attract a male mate. These symptoms will cease in their entirety after you have your cat spayed.

Cancer Risks Will Drop

Having a female cat spayed can actually be beneficial to her health. If you get the spaying done before your cat goes into her first heat cycle, the chance of mammary cancer is dramatically dropped. Getting your kitten spayed before six months of age will reduce cancer chances by about 91%. If you wait until before the age of two, the chances are decreased to about 11%. Waiting until your cat is after the age of two will not reduce the risk of mammary cancer at all, making it beneficial to get the procedure done sooner rather than later.

Fear Of Kittens Is Gone

If you do not wish for your cat to become pregnant, spaying will take this event away in its entirety. Your cat will no longer be able to become pregnant, making your nights of guarding the door so she does not escape, over. This is a relief for many female cat owners as they need to constantly monitor their cat's behavior if they do not wish for her to sneak off to mate. The procedure for spaying will be done at your veterinarian's office and your cat may need to stay over night for observation after the surgery is completed. After she heals, she will become a bit more docile in behavior. Contact a veterinary clinic, such as the Caring Hands Animal Hospital, for more information.