Signs Your Cat May Have a UTI and How to Prevent Them

Posted on: 27 October 2015

Some cats are more prone to urinary tract infections than others. However, there is always the chance your cat may get one. A urinary tract infection will affect the lower urinary tract of your cats system and make it difficult for them to empty their bladder. If your cat develops a urinary tract infection and it is ignored, or treatment is put off, then it can lead to serious health problems and possible death.
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Pet Acupuncture: Does It Work?

Posted on: 26 October 2015

When your pet is in pain and medications and traditional treatments do not seem to be working, a specialist in pet acupuncture can help. Although proof that this method works comes mostly from pet owners' observations, it may be worth trying because it does not cause your animal significant pain and may offer some relief from serious conditions such as cancer or hip dysplasia.  Method Pet acupuncture works on the same theory as acupuncture for humans.
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The Silent Killer: Preventing Rabies In Your Dog

Posted on: 22 October 2015

Rabies is an often fatal viral infection that infects mammals and poses a serious health risk to yourself and your cat, dog, or ferret. While not much can be done after rabies is contracted, there are ways to understand risk and prevent the virus from infecting you or your pets in the first place. How is Rabies Transmitted? Rabies is a viral infection that wreaks havoc on the nervous system and which can be passed from mammal to mammal.
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Caring For An Orphaned Newborn Puppy

Posted on: 20 October 2015

If you find an orphaned puppy or you end up with one due to the mother abandoning it, you will need to take on that role and play the part of the mother dog to keep the puppy alive. If the puppy is a newborn, then you want to be prepared to care for it around the clock. It will depend on you to keep it warm, keep it fed and even to go to the bathroom.
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